About Me

kosher veggie girlMy name is Lori Resnick, and I am a Kosher Veggie Girl. I have a number of different interests, any of which I might write about here. I am vegetarian and health-conscious. I love to try new products, and when I find good ones, I like to tell everyone about them. I’m a member of Weight Watchers, and I love trying new weight watcher-friendly recipes and snacks, as long as they are healthy. I like to work out at the gym, to keep myself young and strong. I have a whole shelf of different protein powders that I like to use.

For many years, I’ve been going to different foodie trade shows, like Natural Products Expo East, The Fancy Food Show, and Kosherfest. I have developed several different versions of websites, where I have sold products online. But recently, I decided that I will have much more fun writing about products that I like, than worrying about paypal, security updates, bookkeeping, and other boring tasks like that.

In my other life, I am a computer programmer, but I don’t plan to talk about that here. 🙂

In my free time, I like to relax with my husband Mason, and my poodle Niko, and spend time with my 2 adult daughters, Davida and Shaina.